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Mobile phone screen module reverse aluminum plate typing and coding requirements: numbers, letter combinations, barcodes, QR codes, specified database files, etc. can be freely printed, anti-counterfeiting source, select variable QR code printer, forever The best inkjet printer S6 coding equipment is easy to operate and can be used with the production line such as die-cutting machine.

Charger casing laser coding, charger casing laser coding, charger casing laser engraving, charger casing laser laser, mobile phone charger casing laser marking, car charger casing laser engraving, charger plastic casing laser marking features:

It highlights the characteristics of the product and the differences in the brand, and enhances the competitiveness of the product in the increasingly fierce market. At the same time, it provides a powerful tool for shortening the product upgrade cycle and flexible production. It can be used for high-speed and clear lasers on various charger plastic casings or car charger casings. Special functions, laser production date, laser variation parameters, such as specific model, date, batch number, serial number, serial number, etc.

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