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Industry characteristics

Auto parts coding usually requires that the mark cannot be erased and is not susceptible to environmental influences. In addition, due to the large number of components and the wide variety of materials, it is important to ensure that the code solution provider can meet your component identification specifications with the right combination of technologies. The tire production equipment is usually operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and its inkjet printer prints black materials intermittently in a high-temperature, dusty environment.


The BTMARK continuous inkjet printers are rated at least IP54 and offer professional inks that adhere to virtually any surface and can withstand many production processes.

BTMARK uses 2D coded direct part coding, which can be used in conjunction with the vision system to create the smoothest traceability process.

BTMARK equips its laser machines and CIJ printers with a stainless steel enclosure of the highest IP56 rating to ensure that downtime on your production line is minimized.

The BTMARK CIJ printer can use pigment inks in a range of colors, from white, grey and yellow to black and blue. These inks contain high quality pigments with good heat resistance, light resistance and solvent resistance. BTMARK has developed special inks for the automotive industry that are particularly resistant, common in automotive coding and marking applications as well as solvent and abrasive processes in the aerospace industry.

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