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The printer technology is widely used in the food industry. It can be printed on food packaging of various specifications or directly on food (shelf life, production batch number, manufacturer name or promotion information and trademark pattern), YUNGCHIA Spray The series of food jet printers launched by the code adopts a 304 stainless steel sturdy casing, which can operate well under various working environments and meet the marking requirements in the special environment of the food industry. YUNGCHIA inkjet printer is the best choice for food manufacturers.

Compared with traditional silk screen printing technology, YUNGCHIA Food Inkjet Printer is more efficient and can be fully matched with the production line for large-volume printing. Secondly, YUNGCHIA Food Inkjet Printer uses non-contact inkjet printing, which can be printed on any food packaging material. At the same time, regardless of the north and south, high and low temperature, damp or dry, YUNGCHIA food inkjet printer can meet the requirements of the marking code, normal operation.

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