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Industry characteristics:

In the production of wire and cable, the ink consumption is particularly large. The annual consumables require a lot of production costs for the enterprise. It is also important for each wire and cable manufacturer to consider an economical cable printer with reasonable price and moderate price of consumables. One of the problems.

The performance of the coding solution in the pipe, wire and cable industry needs to match the actual production process. Stopping the printer stops the squeezing process, resulting in downtime, rework and scrapping, which is costly. In addition, poor coding contrast or quality and ink transfer can also degrade product quality.


BTMARK has a wide range of application expertise and solutions. Its automation and intelligent functions can be used for fault diagnosis and warning fine-tuning without the constant attention of personnel, avoiding many unnecessary failures, increasing productivity, improving efficiency and reducing The chain reaction caused by the shutdown of the cable printer avoids negative impact on wire and cable manufacturers. Laser coding can avoid the use of continuous consumables. BTMARK also has inkjet coding and laser coding for users to choose.

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